Every year the city of Torrevieja hosts its carnival parade as part of celebrations leading to the period of lent. The parade which starts at 10pm brings together all generations among the viewers crowded along Calle Ramon Gallud (the chairs available to rent for 3 Euros each) as well as the dancers parading in the most colourful and imaginative outfits. The nighttime Carnaval de Torrevieja marks the end of carnival festivities which run for the preceding 2 weeks. The event lasts about 3 hours. 

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The beginning of February in Orihuela marks a huge leap back in time and brings back the largest Christian and Moorish event in our region - Orihuela Medieval. 

The old town, north of the Segura river, turns into a massive open market with 3 days of celebrations of what The Middle Ages had to offer. Countless market stalls in 3 sections: Christian, Leisure and Arab, stretching from Plaza del Carmen to the town hall, lure the tourists with handmade produce from artisan bread freshly baked in medieval ovens to hand-crafted jewellery. 

There's everything: exotic spices, soaps, candles, scented oils, swords, daggers, wooden toys, leather bags, fruit, stacks of herbs, traditional sweets, pottery and much more surrounded by omnipresent scent of roasted meat on open fire BBQs. 

There are parades, jugglers, belly dancers, acrobats, musicians, knights on horses, donkeys, camels, historic battles re-enactments, falconry, concerts, fire shows and workshops for all who want to try to make something themselves. 

So spare a few hours to see and taste whatever you can and soak up this outstanding atmosphere at Orihuela Medieval (Feb 3-4-5, 2017). 

From The Riad Azure head to San Miguel de Salinas, follow the CV-95 all the way to Orihuela and follow the street signs to the old town. Approximately 30 minutes drive from us. Lots of street parking spaces available. Please, always check potential parking restrictions. 

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Just 5 kilometres from The Riad Azure (a side road via Villacosta) there are 2 (out of a few) beaches that couldn't be more different from each other. To the left there's a rocky Cabo Roig beach with cliffs and pathways for those who like to take a slow walk along the coast and admire dramatic views. To the right there's a sandy La Glea beach for those who prefer to lie down in the morning and soak the sun.

Both beaches have to be seen and the views have to be discovered. 

Exciting new venue opened its doors today in San Miguel de Salinas. Locked In: the concept is that you and your friends get locked in a room with hidden clues and riddles on how to escape. You have 60 minutes to complete this challenge. There will be 3 different themed rooms. Each with a different narrative. All with riddles, clues and puzzles for you to work out. The games that you enter into are physical versions of "Escape the Room" video games. Not to forget the bar where you have a little tipple before and after the game. 

While staying at The Riad Azure you can book this online directly via their website: www.lockedin-escaperoom.com or we can help you arrange your visit. 

p.s.: for obvious reasons, we can't show you the rooms you are supposed to escape from. That's for you to figure out. 

The Locked-In Escape Rooms in San Miguel de Salinas have been now shot down.