Beauty Treatments

Lash Lift and Tint

45 mins  €25

Curls eyelashes, makes them appear longer and thicker. Can last up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth cycle and aftercare.

Eyelash Tint

30 mins  €7

Brown, Black or Blue/Black tint to suit


Using warm strip wax

Full leg  €18, half leg  €12, Underarm  €10, Bikini line  €10

Prices for other areas are available on request

Hot Waxing

Using hot wax ( more suitable for sensitive skin, the face and intimate areas). Premium range 'Outbacks Organics Gold' hot peelable wax which 'shrink wraps' around hair as it dries, remains supple when cool, and removes cleanly from the skin. This results in the wax treatment that is less painful, causes less skin irritation, does not leave a sticky residue and is more suited to sensitive skin and is the only option for intimate areas.

Lip               15 mins  €7

Underarm   30 mins  €14

Bikini Line  30 mins  €14

Brazillian    45 mins  €29

Hollywood  45 mins  €29

Pedicure - coming soon

Spa Treatments

Body Brushing (add on)

20 mins €10
A body brushing treatment prior to any massage to remove dead and dry skin cells allowing the massage oil to penetrate deeper into the skin layers

Body Scrub

45 mins €27

A full body treatment to remove dead skin cells, stimulate and increase blood circulation, detoxify, tone and tighten skin and improve clarity of thought. Treatment is finsihed with the application of deep moisturising cream.

Body Scrub (add on)

30 mins  €18

A shorter body scrub treatment prior to any massage to remove dead skin cells allowing massage oil to penetrate deeper into skin layers.


45 mins  €27

A treatment including; deep cleansing, exfoliation with quality sugar scrub, towel steaming, short back massage, mask treatment, toning and moisturising.

Bacial with Back Massage

75 mins  €38

As above, with full back massage.

Slimming Body Wrap

2 hrs  €39

Designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate and firm the skin and relax and soothe the muscles.

Express Facial

30 mins  €20

Helps clear clogged pores, removes dead cells, encourage skin cell renewal. Aids circulation, lymphatic drainage, can slow the onset of wrinkles, reduces puffiness and sagging. Consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliation, short massage, tone and moisturise.

Classic Facial

1 hr  €32

As above with added superficial cleanse, towel steam. 20 min facial massage, mask treatment, neck and shoulder massage.

Elemis Facial

1 hr  €39

Classic facial 'as previous' but using a premium range by Elemis.

Deluxe Facial

90 mins  €42

A classic facial with added 30 min back massage.

Deluxe Elemis Facial

90 mins  €49

As above but using the premium range by Elemis.

Detox / Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage

1 hr  €39

A targeted treatment on areas of cellulite; body brushing, anti-cellulite myofacial release massage, body scrub, deep tissue massage. It is recomended that you book a course of six treatments (pay for only five) whilst undergoing a detox program. 

Massage Therapies

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hr €35

​​'Excellent for golfers'. Focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue. An effective treatment to restore pain free movement. Excellent choice for back pain, recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls, sports injury), muscle tension, osteoarthritis, sciatica, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia and after a workout.

Runner Relief

30 mins €20 - 45 mins €27

A deep leg massage, concentrating on hamstrings, calves and quads, releasing and easing tense, tight muscles. Using deep tissue massage and trigger points to improve, helping to prevent injury and muscle spasms.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 mins €20

A deep tissue massage that focuses on areas where clients hold most stress and tension.

Golfers Massage

45 mins €27

The rotational stresses of the golf swing and 4-5 hours in a bent over stance, repeating the same motion over and over again can place pressure on the spine and muscles. This bespoke back, neck and shoulder massage relives the strains and can prevent severe injuries.

Full Body Swedish Massage

1 hr €32

A vigorous massage which helps to relieve pain and tension.


75 mins €38

Using personalized and effective blends of 100% pure essential oils with a carrier oil for a gentle massage to treat the whole system. Through consultation each treatment is designed to meet the needs of the individual.


1 hr €30

Relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural function of the related body area through application of pressure on reflex points on the feet that correspond to the systems of the body.

Thermo Auricular Therapy

(Hopi Ear Candles), using only Biosun candles,

45 mins €25

A gentle invasive method of helping clear ear cavities and sinuses. Helps with conditions such as tinnitus, glue ear and migraines. The therapy is finshed with a facial massage.

The Riad Azure is very excited to be partnering with Zen-Sations to offer single Spa and Beauty treaments or pamper days for all our guests.

moroccan style bed & breakfast

licence number vt-451838-a

Kath spent the first 16 years of her adult life as a pool lifeguard at a leisure centre in sunny Cheetham Hill, before retraining at the age of 30 to start working in the voluntary sector, in homelessness.  She worked as a support worker, both as a supported housing officer and a floating support worker.  In 2009, she moved into management, being placed in charge of a floating support team. The team provided support for people with complex / multiple needs, such as substance misuse, offending behaviours, mental health issues, learning disabilities. Support for the re-integration of high risk offenders was also part of her remit.  Kath also managed  another staff team  running a supported housing project for young people in need.  

During this time Kath also completed a level 3 in both Swedish Body Massage and reflexology, as well as gaining qualifications in Thermo Auricular Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy and Reiki, between 2004 - 2005.  Over the years she has continued to use her skills on friends,  family  and clients as well as taking part in open days in the community.  

Kath runs her own succesful mobile massage spa and beauty therapy company; "Zen-Sations" in Costa Blanca. 

For your first appointment please allow an extra 20 minutes for a consultation.

Please note that certain medical conditions may prevent you from having treatment or

may require your doctors approval.

Book appointments directly from this page or contact The Riad Azure for assistance, Please always double check your dates at The Riad Azure.

Please note there are discounts available for group bookings of 3 or more people and packages.  Some packages are available through this page, however please contact Kath or The Riad Azure for a price if there is a combination of treatments you would like that is not noted below.

As well as all the different massage techniques below, after consultation Kath will be happy to combine techniques to design a bespoke massage to suit your specific needs.